A group calling itself "Citizens for Responsible Crime Policy" has placed a Missoula County Initiative on the Ballot for the November 7th election.

While the name of the sponsoring organization sounds noble, the initiative is intended to hinder enforcement of statutes that prohibit the cultivation, possession, or distribution of marijuana.

The Initiative has nothing to do with medical marijuana which is already available to patients with a doctor's authorization.

The initiative would apply not only to small quantities for personal use, but would also hinder enforcement against pot growers, dealers, and traffickers regardless of the quantities involved.

Please read the information provided before you vote on this important issue, the future of our community is at stake. 

POSTSCRIPT:  The Initiative was passed by Missoula voters.  It will be interesting to see if the courts will rule on whether or not the initiative is constitutional.

Within a week after Initiative 2 passed,  the November 14th.  Missoulian reported on a very good example of why we feel the initiative is poorly written and a bad idea for Missoula. Fortunately deputies fulfilled their duties as spelled out in Montana state statutes rather than submitting to the local initiative. Hopefully they won't be returning the $28,000 worth of marijuana as suggested by Initiative 2.


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