The True Story of the Murder of Missoula County
 Deputy Sheriff Sergeant Allen L. Kimery

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On December 6th 1984, Fred Van Dyken murdered Missoula County Sheriff Sergeant Allen L. Kimery, after the deputy stopped Van Dyken to investigate the theft of $11 worth of gasoline from a local service station.

Van Dyken was convicted of deliberate homicide and sentenced to life imprisonment in the Montana State Prison at Deer Lodge Montana. He has since been transferred to a prison in the State of Washington.

Mr. Van Dyken, who now uses the name Van Dyken Long Soldier1 has corroborated in the creation of an Internet web site2 on which he solicits donations and conducts a campaign to gather names on a petition requesting that his case be reopened. His website contains a great deal of erroneous information.

Van Dyken has also set up a non-profit Washington corporation "The Long Soldier Defense Fund" to shelter donations and proceeds from products that he sells on his web site, from taxes and restitution.

This web site was created to present a true and accurate account of the crime and to point out the false and misleading statements on Van Dyken's web site.

New Information: I have been informed that Fred Van Dyken Longsoldier died in prison on December 29th 2015.

(1) Long Soldier took his his birth mother's name after being reunited with her, Van Dyken is his adoptive parents name.

(2)   [Van Dyken's /Longsoldier-International website appears to have been removed   mid July 2007. His supporters are currently creating another website for him. Whether or not it will be any more truthful remains to be seen.]